X Husband’s Famous Deodorant

(X Wife perfected)

Family gives it straight! Thank you, Alexi!

You want this, you may just not know it yet!!!! This formula is clean and free of harmful ingredients, BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!! Y’all, even on teens who can’t quite remember when they showered last. Finding something natural that actually works has been quite a battle. My sister makes this and I can tell you first hand that it really is as clean as it says it is! I LOVE the tin for a few reasons. I get better control on where exactly I’m putting my deodorant, unlike a stick, I’m not leaving bacteria behind to make the rest of the product less effective, and it’s not gross to share! One tin per bathroom does the trick here. It only takes a little bit to cover my armpits! Bonus: it leaves my skin silky smooth! I really do love this stuff, and not just because my sister makes it. She’s the only reason I tried it, because I have trust issues with “clean” products. But I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t really great.